your own frame of reference III

Your own frame of reference, 2018, assemblage/collage, 3,74 x 0,98 x 2,75 in
(9,5 x 2,5 x 7 cm)
Date of donation: July 12th, 2018
BLT Nº: 347

YOUR OWN FRAME OF REFERENCE This is a box containing simple pieces of materials which allow users to play and redefine perspectives and pace. The contents help in the construction or deconstruction of ideas, in the building of a space for meditation, in reflections upon time, space, sense of place, memories, or what you will.

It is a pocket-sized creation which can be easily transported for personal or shared use. It contains a number of images and texts, a few elements to set up a variety of different scenes, and objects to distort or manipulate them. The objective is to trigger imagination and also reflection.

The materials included in the box, which may include objets-trouvés to expand or even alter the range of possibilities, aim to interweave familiar and unexpected landscapes invoking ideas connected to the self, everyday life, relationships, and politics, among many other ideas, giving the user elements of meaning to play with and to find different layers, without leading to a final product, but rather to discover ways of telling a story.